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Woman doing pull-ups in a thatched hut Surfer doing a cutback Mountain village in Italy in summer

We all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy. Here at The Black Tomato Agency, a lot of us like to cycle into the office or walk home rather than jumping on a bus or standing in an armpit on the Tube. But when it’s dark before 6pm and the rain is inevitable, we need to think big. So here we’ve combined our travel passions with a little bit of exercise – far more motivating than the workouts in your January magazines, as we’re sure you’ll agree:

Surf Camp in Australia

We all want surfboard abs. And arms. And surfers tans… Well this will help. At Surf Camp Australia we’ll take care of your healthy meals and snacks throughout the day as you work up an appetite in the ocean. And then perhaps join you for a beer or two after your active and guilt free day. Beats 10 hours at your desk and a commute home.

Triathlon training in Italy

This one is a toughie and only for the committed among us. Stay at the Perla Hotel and fit in with the active there; bike along the ocean-view cycling route of Riccione then go for refreshing 1.5 kilometre swim in the beautiful cool ocean. And if you can manage it, run back to the hotel. The pasta will be waiting.

Get fit in Kenya

Try something wildly different at this Kenyan fitness resort. Barefoot running, swimming, cycling and a deliciously healthy diet will leave you feeling fit, strong and enjoying a dramatically improved night’s sleep. And to reward all your active efforts we’ll treat you to a deep tissue massage at the end of the day so you can return home feeling fully rejuvenated. Yes please.

Feeling motivated? We have lots more like this and we can tailor something specific to you. So get in touch with our experts today on +44 (0)207 426 9930 or click here to enquire now.

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