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We love a good app. Anything that makes our lives run more smoothly is a win in our books so this week we we’re looking at the best new travel apps around. There are a lot to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites…

If you’re forever losing those important e-tickets or forgetting where you hid your memorable password, fear not. More and more major airlines are developing apps that allow you to book flights, keep up to date with departure times, check in and – most useful of all – download your boarding passes. The BA app even provides maps of the airport terminals to help get you from A to B, very handy indeed. Just don’t forget your phone charger…

Passbook – If you are an avid explorer and frequent traveller, Passbook is a great one – letting you store all boarding passes on your mobile. It’ll even organise them for you, giving you a reminder when it is time to head to your departure gate. Perfect if you’re travelling on business and need something efficient and slick to smooth out your journey. When you arrive, you can also sync your hotel bookings and tickets for excursions to make sure the rest of your trip flows easily, no paper required.

XE Currency – For up-to-date, accurate currency conversion. You can select several currencies to convert at once, making it so much easier to find out how much your meals (endless holiday keepsakes) cost in Euros, Sterling and US Dollar.

iPhoto Journals – We all love a holiday snap, but here’s an app that will let you record each day of your trip by adding photos with captions, maps and weather reports to a journal page. You can then chose if to share them with social media platforms to keep your loved ones updated, or keep them as mini mementos for when you arrive back home.

Sunscreen – literally, your phone screen will protect you from the sun. This app downloads the UV levels from your location and then tells you how much time is healthy to spend in the sun; with accurate settings of countdown applications of sun-cream, dependent on your skin type and factor. If you’re the type to fall asleep on your sun lounger don’t worry – this app will play you an alarm to avoid any unnecessary burning. Go bronze not lobster.

Google Goggles – Are you defiant to explore the world without an enthusiastic tour guide? This app can help you; if you hover your camera lens at the landmark that you’re looking at, it’ll search related articles on it for more information, keeping you in the know without ever losing your cool.

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