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Epic Garden Pond

Last year we were delighted to assist in the delivery of an EPIC prize on behalf of 20th Century Fox. The EPIC Garden competition saw the transformation of a Knowles Primary School’s playground into a stunning landscaped garden, designed by a winning student and created by an expert landscape gardener. Now that the transformation is complete, we’ve laid our hands on the photos and a detailed description of the project from the team…

“The entrance area has been open out and a low fence, ideal for small people to peek over, has been installed with a welcoming archway.  Through the gate leads to a cross roads of hardwood bark chipped pathways that lead throughout the new garden.

Turning left leads to the Pond and the entrance to the Willow Tunnel.  The School added the additional picket fence around the pond so that the garden might be used with minimal adult supervision.  The Willow Tunnel is perfect height for a child, making it an adult free zone to explore.  With time it will mature perfectly to provide an almost totally covered walkway.

Half way down is the children’s entrance to the pond area, after that is the entrance to the wild flower meadow.  We have sown a variety of wildflower seeds and grasses that will turn the area into a rainbow meadow.  

At the end of the Willow tunnel is the teaching area with a wigwam and a domed shelter, all made from Willow.  These surround a fire pit for the Forestry Group.  The Wigwam is one of three spread around the area.

The path leads all the way around the back of the garden to the huge Butterfly. This is about 5m square and will be filled with flowers once they mature.  The wings are created from Buddleia, Aquilegia, Lupins and Lavender to attract as much wildlife as possible, and add plenty of colour and smell.  The edge of the wings are made up of a variety of Heather that will eventually fill out and define the wings.  The body is made from an old tree that blew over in the storms this winter and the head is planted with Potentilla for colour and Pennisetum for the Antennae.

The path continues past the compost area and onto the Fairy Garden.  We had some willow left over, so built 7 small wigwams for fairies.  Suitably located next to a food source in the shape of the Bug Hotel, a towering mansion filled with nooks and crannies.  The path then leads back to the entrance area again and the final area, the pond (surrounded by a fence and two lockable gates to keep the children safe).  The deck has been cleaned and a non slip surface installed into the wood, making the area once again usable.  A Willow Dome has been built under the shade of a mature tree with log seating, and two metal herons keep watch over the frogs and newts…”

Safe to say that playtime will never be the same again…

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