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The Return to Work

That’s it then. Christmas is definitely over. The decorations have been taken down, the Christmas music has stopped and you’re no longer whistling Mariah Carey songs.

All too soon, it’s back to work. And your day looks a little like this:

6:30am Alarm goes off. Too loud. Press snooze.
6:39am Reset your alarm for 7:00am. Morning run resolution can start tomorrow.
7:00am Press snooze.
7:09am Press snooze.
7:18am Slowly unpeel your covers. When did it get so cold?
7:19am Wonder why Apple chose 9 minutes as the iPhone snooze time.
8:15am Buy a coffee on way to work. Realise you’ve just broken a resolution.
8:30am Arrive at work. It looks different somehow.
8:31am Run out of ways to describe the Christmas break. Avoid eye contact with colleagues.
8:45am Write to-do list in your new 2016 notepad.
8:55am Outlook finishes updating your inbox. Wince.
9:00am First meeting of the day begins. You hope they brought snacks.
9:40am Check watch assuming clock has stopped in the meeting room. It hasn’t.
4:00pm Meeting finishes. You take a plate of stale biscuits back to your desk to make up for the lunch you missed.
4:01pm Wipe crumbs off your desk and realise you’ve broken another resolution.
4:02pm Look at to-do list and 2016 targets. Heart rate increases.
4:03pm Check whether new smartwatch has registered your increase in heart rate.
4:04pm Gaze out of the window. It’s getting dark. Sigh.
4:05pm Wish you could teleport to a beach somewhere to board a seaplane over a luxury island, drive supercars around a racetrack and swim with sharks.
4:06pm Recall that agency who won the award for creating the best incentive trips in the industry and who claim they can help you hit your company targets.
4:07pm Pick up 2016 targets and have your first Eureka moment of the year.
4:37pm Realise you’ve just lost half an hour of your day on www.blacktomatoagency.com
4:38pm Pick up the phone. Dial 0207 426 9930. Start planning your event (escape).

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