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Incentive Programme of the Year: We made the cut

It’s out. C&IT has announced the shortlist for this year’s awards and we are delighted to have two entries in the running for ‘Incentive Programme of the Year’.

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels here at Black Tomato Agency, and to be shortlisted for the third year running is hard-earned recognition of 12 more months of new boundary-pushing destinations, ever more creative onsite experiences, increasing group sizes and comprehensive innovative comms campaigns.

As ever we’re up against some very strong competition, but we’re hoping to build on last year’s success and leave Park Hilton once again with a trophy in hand, carried aloft like Bobby Moore in ’66.

Our shortlisted programmes for C&IT ‘Incentive Programme of the Year’ 2016 are:

BMW Ultimate Adventure Club – Costa Rica

BMW’s Ultimate Adventure Club was in need of ‘the next big incentive venue’, a destination to keep the adrenaline junkies well occupied – and suitably suntanned. Costa Rica, with its rugged rainforests, soaring volcanic mountains and tranquil white sand beaches provided the perfect setting. Full of surprises from start to finish, personalised gifts at the end of each day provided clues to keep everyone guessing about the upcoming activities. From flitting about in choppers like the bad guy in a Bond film to rushing down white water rapids and whistling through the jungle canopy on zip lines, the trip was packed with high-octane activities, luxury hotels, a BMW private island and authentic local experiences

A key part of any incentive programme lies in ramping up the anticipation and excitement prior to the trip – we provided a full comms programme to do just that, with a bespoke incentive microsite, pocket-sized video books, a series of engaging e-shots and branded travel packs. This proved to be the carrot that retailers needed to double targeted KPIs, overperforming by an average of 8% across the 55 winners, leading to a 4% increase in national sales.

Mazda Elite Club – Zambia

The brief was simple: create a trip to motivate staff like never before. We needed a high profile location that challenged what it means to be a member of the Mazda Elite Club and that was jam-packed with exclusive experiences. And so to Zambia, for a programme of unique surprises, including a ‘Screening Under the Stars’ in a pop-up cinema that was constructed especially for the event, kayaking down the mighty Zambezi in a Mazda branded flotilla, soaring over the thundering Victoria Falls in helicopters and microlights, an elephant back safari through the Zambian bush, and a slice of colonial nostalgia in the form of a secret journey and gourmet meal aboard the Royal Livingstone Express.

Feedback from Dealer Forums as well as pre- and post-event surveys from previous years was used to inform our choice of bucket-list destination and create a trip with wow factor. In the lead up to the event, we launched a branded microsite, created a bespoke teaser video, dispatched monthly e-shots and circulated regularly updated league tables to introduce a level of friendly competition. Interest in these league tables, particularly in the final quarter of the year, was unprecedented, as dealers analysed every business opportunity to win their place. The final month of qualification set a record for Mazda new car registrations – the most influential qualification KPI – beating the previous record by 7%, a fantastic result for all involved.

Results will be announced on 23rd September and we have everything crossed until then. In the meantime, we’re putting together new programmes worthy of a spot on the 2017 shortlist.

If you want to be part of the best incentive in the industry – why not start your journey with us now?



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