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Cast your minds back to mid-August, the Olympics were in full flow and on a balmy Rio evening the USA’s women’s track and field team had just made history –  achieving a unique feat, picking up gold, silver and bronze in the women’s 100m hurdles – a clean sweep. Not to be outdone our equally dedicated and talented Black Tomato Agency Promotions team headed off to the IPM COGS Awards last week with this goal in mind.

The three nominations for campaigns with Malta Guinness, Stella Artois, and Visit Britain were a reward in themselves. After a year of immense hard work and unending imagination, producing unique and engaging prize campaigns that ticked all the boxes for our clients and had a meaningful impact on their customers, hopes were high. The dedication to each brief and resourcefulness of the team saw them take to the stage to scoop all three awards up for grabs in the ‘Prize, Incentive & Reward’ category. In fact, we’re still waiting for the Head of Promotions to nod off in order to prise the trophy from his sleeping hands and put it pride of place in the office. Here’s a breakdown of each of the entries:

Malta Guinness – Get Booked
The ‘Get Booked’ campaign called for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would engage the Nigerian TV-viewing public to vote for their winner in a competition that pitted a passionate team of six fashion designers against six fanatical football coaches on the hugely popular TV show “Game On”.

Our dedicated team set to work creating a completely bespoke and fully-immersive footballing experience for the winner to come to the UK and take part in an FA training course, visiting the National Football Museum in Manchester, spending a day at Chelsea FC and finally going to Charlton AFC for the day; where he met the team, worked with the coaching staff, dined with the players and had a pitch-side meeting with the CEO.

The winner returned home after his 2-week experience with expert knowledge, a unique set of skills and state-of-the-art equipment to share with his community back home, with the promise of further funding from Charlton AFC.

Winner’s feedback:
“Prior to winning the show, I was just a coach with a big dream, one year after I am a coach living his dreams, with a deeper insight into the knowledge of the game, all received from my FA coaching courses, internship at Charlton Athletic and the equipment given to me to help practice what I have learnt.
The effect on my life is so profound, and it transcends me, as I am directly impacting over 300 Nigerian kids and over 30 coaches in my role as Head of Youth Development at Clique Sports Football Academy.
I am eternally grateful to Malta Guinness and The Black Tomato Agency for giving me the experience of a lifetime.”

Stella Artois – Joie de Cidre
This visual campaign was created to run exclusively on social media and raise awareness of the product. It needed to reflect the premium nature of the brand and focus on existing characters, themes and flavours. The winners would have exclusive access to the life of Le President – the face of Stella Artois Cidre.

Our detail-orientated team recreated his Riviera lifestyle down to the smallest detail; first sourcing a luxury villa and then filling it with well-thumbed philosophy books, obscure Ethiopian jazz records and his favourite leather driving gloves to make it seem as though Le President had just vacated the property.

Finally, to garner the hype that this unique prize deserved, we organised a PR week for members of the press to enjoy the charmed life of Le President and all the experiences that would be available to the winners. A chartered yacht, personal chef, a butler and assistant on hand, not to mention boules matches with the locals.

Winner’s feedback:
 “This trip was such a great trip as I got to see my Dad on my Birthday for the first time since I was 15. No one will ever say a bad word about Stella Artois to me, you managed to do something I have not been able to do for years. So thank you and Stella for that. You really have made our year and it’s a trip we will never forget.”

Visit Britain – #OMGB
Visit Britain launched their #OMGB campaign and needed an agency to create, manage and fulfil the promotion. These OMGB moments are the first reaction, a moment of discovery when your senses are overwhelmed; this might be as you take in the stunning vista from the top of a mountain, as the crowd go wild when the band walk on stage, or when you’re served a plate of delicious food that’s so good you want to cry – they’re moments that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The team created a series of prizes that subverted the stereotypical vision of Britain; showing off the best of its contemporary culture, high-octane activities and its welcoming people in a way that made the experiences feel fresh, intense and exciting. The goal was to represent Britain’s best-kept secrets and portray it as a go-to destination for curious minds, mixing recognisable locations with unique activities; including paddle boarding in Brighton, an Edinburgh Festival experience, and expert-led whisky tasting and falconry while staying in a remote Scottish castle.

Client feedback:
The experiences created by The Black Tomato Agency met our campaign objectives and exceeded our creative expectations. They captured brilliantly what we want to communicate to our Global segments and allowed us to highlight some of the amazing OMGB moments one can enjoy in Britain. We are thrilled with the results.”

Positive feedback from winners and clients is what motivates the Promotions team. Acknowledgement from industry counterparts is the icing on the cake. Never satisfied, the boundary-pushing team are looking to step things up a notch – why not see what we can create for you?

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