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A man charging his phone via his Bluesmart smart luggage case Bluesmart: The World's first smart carry-on bag

We are event planners. This means we are control freaks. We spend months piecing together each aspect of an incentive trip in precise detail. We step out the entire programme on a site inspection, sample each course of a meal before it gets printed on a menu, run risk assessments on every mode of transport within our programmes, scrutinise each hotel room layout before guests lay their heads on a pillow.

We personalise everything, from pre-event communications to luxury travel packs with guest monograms etched into fine leather accessories. We make sure minibars are stocked with favourite night-cap tipples and arrange for our guests’ favourite songs to be played throughout a trip. We coordinate flash mobs, police escorts, flyovers, private islands, surprise graffiti walls, fireworks, celebrity appearances, film crews and drone cameramen.

We have 24-hour concierge service for every guest who travels with us so we can guarantee every wish is catered for. That’s what we pride ourselves on and that’s why we know we’re the best at what we do.

But none of it matters if a guest arrives with no suitcase; a trip never feels quite as luxurious if you have to wear Dave from IT’s spare polo shirt and complimentary plane socks for three days.

As luck would have it, the smart luggage revolution has finally arrived and it makes so much sense we can’t believe it’s taken this long.

We’ve scoured the online stores for the best in smart luggage and stumbled across some gold…

Crowdfunded start-up Bluesmart promises “the next evolution of the travel experience” managing to cram a host of tech into a sleek, high-tech carbon-fibre body that is small enough to cart along as cabin baggage. The perfect travel accessory.

The bag features a GPS tracker and accompanying app that allows you to keep an eye on your suitcase’s whereabouts at all times, locking the bag if you step out of range; a battery to keep your gadgets charged, and even a built-in digital weighing scale. We’re tempted to get people in the departures lounge to hide it from us just so we can track it down again.

Just when we thought we’d unearthed one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century, the Cowarobot R1 ups the ante with the “world’s first autonomous suitcase”. It’s programmed to follow you around like a faithful Labrador and never leave your side. You can even call the case back to your side with a double-tap on the included bracelet; the sensors ensuring it doesn’t bump into anything as its exits the coffee shop you left it in.

The only design flaw we can think of is that much like Dr Who’s Daleks, the case is yet to master stairs so we’re waiting for the flying version. You can view our prototype here.

Stephen Hawking has said that artificial intelligence will be “either the best or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity”; but if the future involves us never having to locate a guest’s lost luggage ever again then we at Black Tomato Agency will welcome our new robot overlords with open arms.

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