Case study: Brand Experience

Expedition Coors Light

What did the client want?

Coors Light created ‘Expedition Coors Light’ to bring to life the emotional benefit of the brand (revitalized, & ready for what’s next) through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The idea behind it was to evoke the adventurous spirit of the pioneers and the American frontier.

We created a bespoke trip, initially for a handpicked group of influencers, to Denver then on to a luxury private ranch to mirror how Coors wanted the guest to experience adventure in both the city and the wilderness.

What made it stand out?

After spending a night in Denver and visiting the Coors Field Stadium for a private tour, the influencers were flown to Dunton Hot Springs, a private ranch just for them to experience a range of handpicked experiences such a dog-sledding, ice climbing and heli-skiing.  Designed and curated to speak to the Coors brand ethos, every touch point was meticulously planned, with branded room drops, Coors infused gastronomy and food pairing all examples of the brand living throughout the trips every moment.

How did the event add value?

The first stage of this incentive was to generate chatter and content through the use of hand-picked social influencers.  This content and collateral will be used to dial up the engagement around the consumer event which will take place at the start of 2020.

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