Case study: Educational Trip


  • Sector Automotive
  • Destination Japan
  • Attendees 97
  • Date May
The torii gate of Itsukushima shrine, Miyajima island, Japan

What did the client want?

Having delivered incentives for Mazda across the world, we like to think we understand their brand. So when we were briefed with taking their 97 top-performing dealers, from eight European regions on an inspiring trip to Japan to showcase the history and background of the brand, we knew we could deliver. With an educational element to the trip it was vital to wow guests with a luxury experience that revealed the best of Japanese culture. We created a programme embodying the Japanese philosophy of omotenashi, or hospitality, and motivated guests to implement it in their market through a truly engaging communications campaign reflecting a desire for success.


What made it stand out?

With 97 guests, seven mother tongues and zero universal languages, this event required meticulous planning to ensure a seamless delivery. Guests flew into Tokyo on ten different European flights and were immediately ushered through a bustling train station and onto a privatised bullet train carriage – our attention to detail and synchronisation skills put straight to the test as we transferred cumbersome luggage on a separate transfer vehicle to Hiroshima.

Rested after a night at a luxury hotel, guests were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Mazda’s top-secret manufacturing processes and a special insight into the history of the brand. This privileged and coveted invitation-only experience was followed by a Japanese feast attended by the Global Directors – a meticulous seating plan ensuring maximum visibility for each host – with a ceremonial sake barrel opening and an epic taiko drumming performance rounding off a traditional Japanese evening. Unique experiences were scattered throughout the programme: guided Buddhist meditation, elegant geisha performances, championship sumo matches and an evening river cruise on a traditional yakatabune boat overlooking Tokyo’s neon-tinged skyline. Final evening celebrations included a drinks reception in a privatised area of Tokyo’s most popular rooftop bar, a sophisticated dinner overlooking the city and after-hours access to a Roppongi Hills Club.

Sumo wrestler tournament opening ceremony
Tokyo skyline at night

How did the event add value?

The educational objectives of this event and the company’s decision to set qualitative targets mean that measuring ROI goes beyond the usual statistics; however, client feedback was second to none. And when the client is happy, so are we.


“I would like to thank you and your team for the great organisation of this trip. Our group was challenging […] however all our participants were absolutely delighted with the programme and organisation in Japan. Everyone noticed the little touches. They were very impressed with the service you provided.”

Marketing & Communications Manager
Mazda C&SEE

The numbers

  • Guests from across Europe

  • Privatised bullet train carriages

  • Sumo bouts watched

  • Traditional geisha performances

  • Branded headrests

  • Karaoke cruise

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