Case study: Group Incentive

MINI UK – Nepal

  • Sector Automotive
  • Destination Nepal
  • Attendees 47
  • Date February
Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

What did the client want?

After a groundbreaking trip to Zimbabwe in 2016, we were challenged once again to dream up a trip that went above and beyond in terms of experiences and location – a nod to the journey of the retailers who qualified. The objective was to inspire the top-performing retailers with a once-in-a-lifetime trip with plenty of organised activities, providing a mix of wow-factor experiences and extreme adventure in an awe-inspiring destination that guests were unlikely to have visited on their personal holidays.

“Guests were blown away with the scale of the location and experiences on the trip as [it was] something most had never experienced before.”

Sales Operations & Strategy Manager

What made it stand out?

Nepal is relatively uncharted territory when it comes to incentives, which made it an attractive proposition for a pioneering brand such as MINI. As the first British incentive in the region since the 2015 earthquake there were plenty of pre-event wrinkles to iron out before the destination was incentive-ready, but the end result surpassed the expectations of both clients and guests. Packed with unique and exhilarating experiences from start to finish, surprises were unveiled throughout the program. One reveal saw guests called to a motorcycle jacket and helmet fitting before an unforgettable scenic Royal Enfield road trip through Kathmandu’s bustling streets and into the surrounding countryside, with the requisite snack stops and photo ops en route.

Guests were later challenged to a scenic hike through some of the world’s most iconic landscapes to a remote camp, constructed over two weeks by local villagers and craftsmen, on a remote hilltop overlooking the Himalayas. A night in the wild was followed by a day of white-knuckle rafting and the crowning glory – an incredible gala dinner event that saw the entirety of Kathmandu’s Bhaktapur cordoned off and dancers performing on the illuminated steps of the temple just for the guests. A final lunch at mountaineering mecca Rum Doodle Bar & Restaurant with a talk by the youngest ever Everest summiteer, Temba Tsheri, provided guests with a final dose of inspiration before boarding their flight home.

Royal Enfield road trip through Nepal
VIP festival dinner in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu

How did the event add value?

The winning retailers went significantly above and beyond the minimum 103% target across the leagues, achieving 110% overall. Amongst the qualifiers, 60% were first-timers, with 40% having won a place on previous trips who were incentivised to overachieve once again for a seat on the plane. This automotive giant saw an 8.5% sales increase year on year and posted its best-ever figures, significantly outperforming the total new car market, which grew by 2% over the same period.

“Having unique experiences from biking in Kathmandu, having our own bespoke campsite for an overnight stay […] and our own traditional ceremony on a sectioned off major square in the middle of Kathmandu in front of a historic temple were just a few experiences that will never be forgotten.”

Sales Operations & Strategy Manager

The numbers

  • Guests from across the UK

  • %

    Increase in YOY sales

  • Royal Enfields in convoy

  • Year-old Everest summiteer

  • %

    Business objective targets reached

  • C&IT Incentive Programme of the Year Award

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