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We have outstanding experience of conceptualising and delivering trips around the world for brands looking to use travel as a means to engage with their audience. From product launches to consumer-focused travel experiences that act as an extension of your brand, the opportunity for companies to use travel to improve their performance and deliver against business objectives is vast.

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As part of a travel company known for its in-depth knowledge of the planet; understanding of what makes brands tick and ability to create solutions which exceed expectations, Black Tomato Agency is regularly approached to develop ideas and deliver trips that bring a brand’s offering to life through travel.

From creating an experience that acts as the perfect platform for a product activation to selecting, organising and hosting groups of influencers to sample the best of a brand’s offering in stunning destinations. We have become the go-to agency for brands looking to use travel activations within their marketing strategy. Our expertise in understanding the best locations in the world along with world-leading logistical experience sets us apart in this area of experience creation.

A further distinguishing feature of our agency is that as well as travel and event delivery expertise, we have outstanding brand strategists and communications experts within our team. This area of brand and communications specialism ensures that we can clearly understand a brand’s values and objectives and marry this with our exceptional knowledge of the destination. This ensures that we always develop the perfect solution for our clients’ needs.

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Black Tomato Agency has worked with a diverse range of consumer lifestyle brands to develop travel experiences that are an extension of their core business offering. These experiences are designed to immerse the consumer further into the brand’s world, along with developing new revenue streams for the business.

Such is the passion that customers have for certain brands, the opportunity to travel with and through the eyes of their favourite brand is hugely attractive. As companies recognise this opportunity to create their own brand travel experiences, the need to work with an agency that has expertise in branding and travel planning is paramount. This is the reason why so many companies approach Black Tomato Agency to work together to bring their brand experience aspirations to life.

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"Black Tomato Agency's ability to understand the personality of our brand and what we stand for was so important to us. They grasped this quickly and have delivered trips which were creative, different, exclusive and superbly executed."

Mazda UK
Head of Retail Operations


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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2019 Kinder


Winner Grand Prix 2019 Nu Skin: The Island


Winner Incentive Event of the Year 2019 Nu Skin: The Island

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2018 Airbnb


Winner Incentive Programme of the Year 2017 MINI UK: Nepal

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2017 TSB

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