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Incentive travel is more than a few days out of the office. To truly motivate a team, a midweek flight to the Med or an end of season ski trip will no longer cut it. Social media and the sharing economy have raised expectation levels to new heights. Travel incentives should be life-changing experiences, offering the chance to create memories, content to share and a desire to keep striving for the next reward.

At Black Tomato Agency we specialise in creating bespoke incentive campaigns and aspirational trips to engage and motivate your entire workforce. We create communication channels to promote key business messages and inspire individuals to pursue and achieve ambitious targets. All with the reward of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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Achieve your objectives and deliver impressive ROI

If you’re looking to harness the full potential of your team, experiential rewards are the most effective way to incentivise; a simple thank you email can only go so far. Incentive travel programmes and experience led rewards increase individual and team performance, it’s a fact.

In partnership with us, you can create incentives that truly capture your audience’s attention, give you an opportunity to stand out from competitors and drive brand and employee loyalty.

To be truly successful your teams need to clearly understand who you are, what you are striving for and feel part of the company’s journey.  Working together is how unbelievable results are achieved. Incentive travel is the perfect partner to this, as it creates a way of rewarding top performance and offering experiences which truly personify who you are as a brand.

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Build a connection between teams and targets

Our travel and events experts create remarkable incentive travel programmes across the globe. But a travel incentive is only as effective as its messaging and ability to captivate an audience. That’s where our dedicated Communications team adds all-important value; generating excitement; building anticipation and delivering clear messaging to ensure your entire workforce is aware of what they need to do to succeed. A deep emotional connection is created as a result, that fuels ambition, increases team effectiveness and boosts productivity in pursuit of a seat on the plane.

Right time engagement

We know that the more engaged your workforce, the greater the impact of your incentive. So, we would work together to pinpoint the key moments in your sales cycle and create opportunities to focus efforts and drive performance when it’s needed most.

Your entire workforce could be captivated by teaser videos, inspired by beautifully designed e-shots and motivated by competitive league tables. Delivered at relevant times, all strongly portraying the incentive identity and reinforcing business objectives, to maximise every communication touchpoint with your team.

Plus, as we have our own inhouse team of communication and design experts, we can create consistent, practical messaging from start to finish, year after year.

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Proven results through rewards

Our unrivalled travel incentives are proven to motivate teams and drive fantastic results. Our multi-award-winning expertise and buying power as part of the Black Tomato Group gives you access to market-leading rewards and exclusive destinations. Plus, we would not only work together to create unbelievable incentives, but we would partner with you to truly understand who you are and what you strive to achieve. In turn, helping you motivate teams to hit targets or build brand awareness around the world.

Enjoy hassle-free management

Creating extraordinary incentive travel is what we do. We can integrate with your existing incentive structure, or we can manage the full end-to-end experience independently; the choice is yours. Let us take the hassle out of the process as we meticulously plan, organise and execute each step—always keeping your brand and image front of mind. We always provide itemised costs and we fix exchange rates at the time of contract to ensure there are never any surprises down the line. This allows you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that every part of your travel incentive is taken care of.

Your vision, our expertise, incredible incentive travel

Our in-house experts know what it takes to create outstanding incentive travel itineraries. Yet we understand it has to fit with your company vision. We work with you to create a package that fits with your company’s goals and desired results. Our dedicated Communications team is available throughout, while our in-house creative team can assist in video production, design, and web development at all stages of the process. We capture your workforce’s attention, encourage participation and maintain momentum all year round—whatever your budget

Surpass your targets, improve retention and reward your team

Set your team up for success by creating aspirational travel incentives. Motivate them to go higher, faster, stronger than ever before and reward their achievements with awe-inspiring experiences that they’ll never forget. And they’ll go the extra mile, time and time again.


"It’s getting harder and harder to deliver something that no one has done before but that’s where Black Tomato Agency has the edge. They get the brief, understand the audience and deliver a seamless end-to-end programme with minimum intervention from the client."

General Manager


We work with remarkable brands

Our incentives and events have inspired audiences for a huge range of global brands, both on and offline.

2019 in numbers

  • Guests on our events

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  • New team members

  • Sunsets shared with clients

  • Events with over 100 people

  • C&IT Incentive of the Year Award


Winner Grand Prix 2019 Nu Skin: The Island


Winner Incentive Event of the Year 2019 Nu Skin: The Island


Winner Incentive Programme of the Year 2017 MINI UK: Nepal


Shortlisted Incentive Programme of the Year 2017 Mazda C&SEE: Japan


Highly Commended Incentive Programme of the Year 2016 BMW UK: Costa Rica


Winner Incentive Programme of the Year 2015 Nu Skin: Morocco

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