Set your campaign apart with once-in-a-lifetime prize promotions

Traditional promotions and employee rewards are no longer enough. You need innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. At Black Tomato Agency we’ve got you covered. We engage your target market through unique and inspiring prize promotions tailored to your brand. We immerse your audience in brand-infused messaging through the creation of boundary-pushing prize experiences across the globe. Create a more effective and longer-lasting affinity with your brand by turning occasional customers into loyal fans.

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Influence consumer decisions

We offer tactical and relevant prize promotions to grab your audience’s attention and ensure you stand out from the crowd. Prompt customers to engage with your brand through expertly managed prize campaigns and bucket-list travel experiences that they’ll go the extra mile for.

Create brand fans

If you’re looking to appeal to your target audience, our remarkable travel prize promotions inspire loyalty and engage on a completely unique level. Create brand awareness and generate shareable content that proves you understand what makes them tick.

Share your brand message

Our prizes tie into your brand messaging. Avoid generic and ineffective one-size-fits-all prizes and give your consumers a personalised prize to remember. We embrace your core brand values and wrap them up in the most awe-inspiring experiences imaginable. Every touchpoint reflects your campaign and reinforces your brand messaging to winners.

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Unique prize promotions through Black Tomato group

We are part of Black Tomato Group, a collection of travel and lifestyle brands that have been curating bespoke, luxury travel experiences for over a decade. As a result, we are able to provide you with unrivalled access to the best product out there. Our expert destination knowledge, exclusive in-country connections and combined purchasing power ensure our award-winning prize promotions are a must. If you want to change consumer behaviour, do it in the most effective way possible.

In-house creative team you can trust

Not only do we get your campaign out there. We create compelling copy and dynamic visual content to promote your offering in a way that showcases your brand and represents who you are. We highlight your product to current and prospective consumers alike, maximising engagement and driving brand advocacy.

Nose-to-tail service

As a prize promotion agency, we handle everything from campaign concepts and curated prizes to winner fulfilment. You can rest easy knowing a life-changing prize has been managed and fulfilled to the highest possible standard. Impressive results, none of the stress. We even create outstanding content you can share to continue consumer engagement long after the trip has ended.

Change consumer behaviour and create brand fans through unique experiences

Amplify your campaign and boost engagement by offering incredible travel-related prize packages to suit your audience.


“Working with Black Tomato was a brilliant experience from start to finish, they managed the whole process seamlessly, took the time to understand our brand values and the essence of our #ShareThePlusness campaign. This was then brought to life in the completely bespoke experience they created for our prize winners, full of magical moments that money can’t buy.  A standout campaign for all of us involved and that we are all proud of, and had fun being part of."

Social Media Campaign Director

"I would like to thank you for helping to organise such a wonderful and memorable weekend. The highlight was obviously training with Mo, but I think I speak for all of the other winners when I say that we had a great time from start to finish…"

Prize Winner


We work with remarkable brands

Our team has built and delivered promotions and prize campaigns all over the world for a vast range of global brands.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Black Tomato. We have received amazing feedback from the end client and also from the winners who were able to experience these amazing prizes. Throughout the campaign they were super supportive and great to work with. We won’t need to work with anyone else in the future."

Campaign Director

“Working with Black Tomato Agency is always a pleasure. We can always rely on the team to come up with fantastic prize packages that really do get our clients excited. They often have to work to very demanding deadlines and they never let us down. They act as an extension of our client servicing team when needed and we always look forward to briefing the team and are genuinely excited to see their responses.”

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Case Studies

Let us show you what we can do

No need to take our word for it. Take a look at what a Black Tomato Agency prize or promotion might look like, how we have turned ideas into products for brands just like yours and why our clients return to us year after year.

2019 in numbers

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  • IPM COGS Awards

  • Prizes delivered across the globe

  • Private takeover of the Louvre

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2019 Kinder

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2018 Airbnb

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Bronze Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2018 Oykos

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2017 TSB

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Silver Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2017 San Miguel

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Gold Award Prize, Incentive & Reward 2016 Malta Guinness

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